The staff of Champagne events, Hilton hotel staff and the members attending will be observing the same precautions.  We feel that EVERYONE has an equal responsibility in the prevention and spread of COVID-19 in our communities. 


COVID Action Plan for Play Champagne Events: 


  1. Our events fall under the banquet/catering division of the Responsible Restart Ohio plan.  This limits the number of attendees to 300 per event.  We will be capping our tickets sales to 275 per day to ensure compliance with this plan.  This includes the number of hotel staff, event staff and members attending. 
  2. When a member enters the building, they will make their first stop at the COVID table that will be located immediately inside the building entry doors of the lobby.
  3. A security person wearing gloves and a mask will do the following:
    1. Inform them they must have a mask on entering the facility, in the lobby and all surrounding lobby hallways at ALL TIMES unless they are seated and ACTIVELY eating or drinking.
    2. If they arrive without a mask, they will be asked to go back out and get their mask.  If they did not bring a mask with them, a mask will be provided for them.
    3. We will ask them to use hand sanitizer before taking the pen and signing the COVID waiver. 
    4. The COVID waiver states to the best of their knowledge they are negative of COVID and have not been exposed to anyone testing positive or exhibiting symptoms of COVID.
    5. Their temperature will then be taken, and their temperature reading will be written on their COVID waiver below their name.
    6. If their temperature is over 100, they will not be admitted.  No exceptions!  The CDC acknowledges 99.9 degrees and below to be within the normal range.   
    7. Once they meet all these conditions, they will be allowed to check-in.
  4. Security will be stationed at the corner of the front desk on the pool/elevator hallway side.  All members entering the lobby from those areas without a mask will be stopped and told to return for their mask if they attempt to enter the lobby.
  5. Security will be stationed in the ballroom hallway (across from the smoking patio).  All members entering the lobby from those areas without a mask will be stopped and told to return for their mask if they attempt to enter the lobby.
  6. Hand sanitizer stations will be set up outside the ballroom doors and in the lobby.
  7. All food will be distributed by gloved and masked hotel staff including plated meals.
  8. The hotel bar will stop serving alcohol at 10 pm SHARP.  
  9. Some of our events have a live band.  When a live band is performing all band members will be a minimum of six feet apart on stage.  A tape line will be extended six feet from the front of the stage indicating members are not to be any closer to the band than that line.
  10. Tables and chairs in the ballroom will be a minimum of six feet apart to promote safe social distancing. 
  11. The hotel pool and fitness center will have capacity loads clearly posted at the amenity entry point. 


While our event meets and exceeds all current Ohio executive orders and the CDC COVID-19 recommendations and requirements, we will still be having a fun, amazing event while most importantly keeping the festivities SAFE for everyone!  We realize these strict guidelines may keep some from attending.  The safety and discretion of our members is and will always be our first priority.  If you have questions regarding these guidelines, please feel free to contact us.